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10 Fall Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets and Containers

Using Hanging Baskets and Containers around your garden or home for Fall Flowering plants is a fantastic way of beautifying your house, as well as draw the attention of your guests. When you hang them above...

8 Great Garden and Landscape Products you Need.

The best and most durable garden and landscape products increase the beauty of your garden and yard. By making sure that your plants are well taken care of with the proper tools. Garden and landscape products...

One of my Favorite Plants-The Madagascar Palm

MADAGASCAR PALMS – CARE – WATERING The botanical name for the Madagascar Palm is Pachypodium lamerei. ‘Pachypodium’ means thick foot in Greek, which refers to the extremely thick trunk of the...

5 Plants and Flowers that Grow in Winter

Plants and flowers that grow in winter can be quite tough to find for many of us, especially those of us who love to have flourishing gardens year-round. With a lot less sun and a lot of colder temperatures...

13 Beautiful Plants and Flowers that attract Bees

Bees are not only good for our crops but have a lot of benefits for our environment, ensuring sustainable food supplies. Plants and flowers that attract bees are crucial for making sure pollination happens to...

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