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Fall Flowering Plants

10 Fall Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets and Containers

Using Hanging Baskets and Containers around your garden or home for Fall Flowering plants is a fantastic way of beautifying your house, as well as draw the attention of your guests.

When you hang them above your front porches, it serves as a means of welcoming those entering the house. They are also used in gardens as a means of creating different designs, instead of only having fall plants in pots or the ground.

In case you are considering including some hanging baskets and containers to your home, you will want to ensure that you have enough way to hang them.

When thinking about the size of fall plants, you intend on using. You will want to ensure that you have a sturdy base to hang your container.

Allow your hanging baskets and containers to hang at the appropriate height. Selecting a pre-planted hanging basket for fall plants to display is comes down to a personal decision. You will have a choice of color, long or short trailing habits, and a variety of foliage.

Do you desire long trailing stems filled with blooms, or would you prefer a ball of color hanging outside the front door of your home?

Take a look at these ten different fall plants that will work correctly in hanging baskets and containers. You might find something that will work for you.

Fall Flowering Plants


Begonias are beautiful and stylish plants native to tropical climates. They are quite renowned and are most appreciated as houseplants courtesy of their bright and brilliant colors.

Begonias have been able to earn their place as one of the best fall plants for hanging baskets and containers for their free branching, showy flower habit, and tolerance for harsh climates and heat.

Available in different colors, from oranges to yellows, to pinks and reds, “non-stop” varieties could give you blooms for years to come.


This fantastic flower stimulates an extravagant display of beautiful and colorful petals. Fuchsia is a lovely plant for hanging baskets and containers since the plant on its own is always inverted.

With its eye-catching flowers, Fuchsia has, for a long time, been a favorite plant for gardeners. The brilliantly colored, lantern-like flowers could draw the attention of hummingbirds to your hard and also thrive in part for providing full shade.

These fall plants need enough to nutrients when generating flowers, thus always fertilize them regularly to maximize their full blooms.

Fall Flowering Plants


Impatiens are mild plants, which are known as “Touch me not” flowers. They consist of seed pods that explode and send seedlings and other flower parts floating up to distinct meters!

Though many impatiens are falling victim to downy mildew, by making them hanging flowers, you could get them out of the soil and out of the ground that could trigger the aggressive mold.

In case you grow Impatiens in containers, you could still enjoy the beautiful shades they produce.

Fall Flowering Plants


This fall plant is a native to tropical climates; however, it could also be seen in moderate climates. Their stylish pedals come in a range of different beautiful colors.

The delicate blooms, as well as the exquisite blues, whites, and purples of lobelia, make it the perfect choice for everything from window boxes and garden borders to hanging plants best for your porch. Lobelia performs best in part-shade areas.

Sweet Alyssum

Do not get fooled by its delicate flowers; the Sweet Alyssum fall plant grows in abundance. The fall plant starts generating blooms in mid-spring, as long as the weather is warm.

Though its blooms are in unique varieties that burst with light pink or deep purple flowers.

Fall Flowering Plants

Trailing Pansies

Quite unpopular and relatively new on the scene, after a decade or more of breeding, the trailing varieties of pansies perform well as hanging fall plants in containers and baskets.

Spreading larger and also having deeper colors than ancient pansy varieties. Trailing Pansies are also cold-resistant, surviving even in sub-zero temperatures.


Petunias have developed significantly in recent years, still available in single, pure colors that look amazing when hung down in big drifts of color.

Petunias planted in a single container or hanging basket, are also beautiful new varieties which add a significant ‘wow’ factor to all your summer displays.

The Petunia Night Sky has become a reliable customer choice, a fantastic variety which sports many white stars set against deep purple backgrounds.

Fall Flowering Plants


Often utilized as a filler fall plant in mixed displays, Bacopa is known to be an essential plant in hanging containers and baskets. It is easy to plant and will comfortably and efficiently trail down well over 47cm, smothered in small white or blue flowers.

This refined-looking yet incredibly tough fall plants are best for adding beauty to your hanging plants and baskets.


A miniature type of the Petunia customarily known as “Minitunia,” these flowering baskets and container fall plants are becoming more and more renowned every year.

The free-flowering and long-lasting plants are just as healthy as their bigger cousins; however, they are covered in many dainty, smaller flowers.

Calibrachoa fall plants are tolerant of summer heat and would grow well in both shade and sun. Better for growing in duller areas of your garden that needs some cheering up.

Varieties like ‘Mini Rosebud Peachy’ will amaze you and your guest, with its dainty flowers of pink and peach. Each with different veining, and most significantly, they do not require dead-heading, they look after themselves.

Hanging Baskets


These fall plants are naturally drought tolerant, which makes them best for baskets and containers.

Normal African Daisies could also be planted in hanging containers and baskets because their habit of spreading will make them spread over the edge of the container and generate more of a ball shape.

Planting up a container or basket with Osteospermum will undoubtedly provide you with a display of beautiful and unusual flowers!

Purchase healthy, young fall plants that look good whenever you purchase them.

Always avoid dry, faded, yellowing leaves, which look like they have already been hanging around for a while.

Select flower and color forms that work together and do not mix too many varieties in a single basket or container.


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