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5 Pet Friendly Plants 1

5 Pet Friendly Plants

We are often asked if our plants are pet friendly. This may seem odd at first (plants are like vegetables, right?) but in fact it’s a perfectly valid question because a lot of common houseplants are in fact toxic if ingested! To keep your furry friends safe, we put together a list of popular houseplants that are pet friendly.

#1 Boston Fern 

5 Pet Friendly Plants 2

An impressive plant to add green volume to any space. This fern is a tropical plant and does well in humid conditions and indirect light. As an added bonus, it looks totally fun for a cat to play around with – right?

#2 African Violet

5 Pet Friendly Plants 3

Originally from the tropical regions of Eastern Africa, these beautiful delicate plants are non toxic if one if your pet accidentally takes a nibble. 

#3 Prayer Plant

5 Pet Friendly Plants 4

Safe plants don’t need to be boring plants. The Prayer Plant’s stunning leaves looks like they were hand painted. But in fact, it gets its name from the way the leaves fold up like hands coming together in prayer. 

#4 Parlour Palm


Palms are a great way to inject life and tropical vibes into any space. This one in particular isn’t too picky and will thrive in indirect light and modest humidity. How cute would your dog be snoozing underneath a palm tree?

#5 Select Succulents


Succulents are one of our biggest sellers so of course we had to talk about it here. We will cover some of the more popular succulents but we advise to always do a quick search to check before making a purchase. 

Non-Toxic to Pets: Zebra Haworthia, Echeveria, Ponytail Palm, Burro’s Tail, Sempervivum.

Toxic to Pets: Jade Plant, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Panda Plant.

Oh no I have a potentially dangerous plant in my house! What to do?? Fret not, there are ways to keep your pets away from toxic plants. You can place them in hard to reach places, use hanging planters, and/or pet repellent sprays.

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