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8 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes, some you can eat

Let’s talk about how to repel mosquitoes. It’s summer across America and we all want to spend some quality time out in the yard. But there’s one problem -Mosquitoes and how to kill them or avoid them. Repelling Mosquitoes has been a summer right of passage since most of us can remember. These little flying pests steal our blood and leave raised marks on our bodies.

According to Wikipedia-Mosquitoes are a group of about 3500 species of small insects that fly. Within Diptera, they constitute the family Culicidae. The word “mosquito” is Spanish for “little fly.” Mosquitoes have a slender segmented body, a pair of wings, three pairs of long hair-like legs, feathery antennae, and elongated mouthparts.

The great thing about nature, though is there is a yin to the Mosquitoes yang. There are plants in nature we can use in our gardens to repel these flys pretty quickly, so we can enjoy our yards and porches during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Below is a list of Mosquito repelling plants you should introduce to your landscape as soon as possible.


The herb we all love is an excellent Mosquitoe repeller. It is recommended by the New York Botanical Garden and Garden Design Magazine. Rosemary can serve two purposes in the garden-one as a herb to eat and the other as a topiary in the garden because of the ease at shaping and pruning the plant.


Another herb with a couple of uses is also great at keeping mosquitos at bay. Sage can be eaten as a herb, burnt in a bunch to clean the energy in a room or space and planted decoratively in the garden for a visual pop.


It can be found almost anywhere. It is from the mint family and grows abundantly both as a plant and as a weed. Easy to take care of, this plant needs to be watched closely. Catnip is a root running plant that will find a way to the other side of the garden if not maintained.

Citronella Grass

You will know it when you smell it; Citronella grass is the most commonly used natural ingredient in mosquito repellants. It’s an easy plant to grow in any sunny area. If you would like to keep it year-round you will need to plant it in a container. When buying Citronella, make sure you buy Cybopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus, which are true varieties.

Marigold Flowers

are a plant that are easy to grow and can be planted in containers and in clumps around your garden. marigolds emit a smell that Mosquitos just don’t care for. Plant them in containers on your porches and balconies and add to the family garden to help repel mosquitos.

Repel Mosquitoes with plants
Repel Mosquitoes with the garlic plant


Another eatable repeller, garlic is like all of the other Mosquitos repeller plants, they emit a scent that Mosquitos just don’t care for. You are going to want to eat some of that garlic when you are in the garden harvesting your bounty. It is good to rub the garlic leaves on your body to get a deeper penetration of mosquito guard on your body.


The beautiful purple flowering plant Lavender is also a natural mosquito repellent. Lavender is a plant that is great in containers on the porch or planted in your main garden.


Peppermint with its delicious smell is one of my favorite natural Mosquito repellents. This is a great plant to rub on your skin, it will give you a beautiful minty smell that will also keep you safe from mosquitos.


Brent Richard Dixon

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