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House Plant Care

Unlike outdoor plants, house plants depend on you to put them in the optimal place and provide them with the essentials: light, water, warmth, humidity, food, rest, air, and grooming.

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Light: You should be mindful of the intensity of light each plant needs, as well as the duration required to maintain active growth.

Water: It is essential to water plants, however the most common way to kill your plant is by over watering. Each plant has its own needs and it is recommended to follow a schedule as well as to observe your plant and proceed accordingly.

Warmth: Most house plants thrive within 55*C – 75*C. Be careful of low temperatures at night time, in the winter.

  • Succulents and Cacti are an exception as they come from the desert and are used to hot days and cold nights.

House Plant Care 3

Humidity: Some plants flourish in humid environments, and others prefer dry. Be sure to know each plants needs and then act accordingly. Misting the leaves is a good tactic to use to increase humidity, however do not mist when the foliage is exposed to bright sunlight or it may cause burning (later in the day/evening, or early morning is recommended).

Food: Just like you and I, all plants require a sufficient amount of nutrients in their diet to grow. Fertilizers can be used to feed plants.

Rest: Almost all indoor house plants are dormant during a period of the year – generally in the winter. The duration of light is reduced. Watering should be reduced. When spring arrives, you will likely see new growth which is your sign that the resting period is over.

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Fresh Air: To give your plant fresh air, be sure to open your window and provide good ventilation. Be mindful of the temperature, and look out for cold or hot draughts which may be harmful to your plants.

Grooming: Remember to clean, polish, and prune your house plants

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