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Plant symbolism: what's your Plant persona? 1

Plant symbolism: what's your Plant persona?

Plant symbolism: what's your Plant persona? 2

Air Plants

Air plants symbolize freedom and creativity. It’s fit for someone who lives in a small space, as it doesn’t take up much room. But don’t underestimate its small size. The Air Plant has a unique shape to it and its color breathes life into any room. Because of their ability to thrive out of the soil, they also represent freedom and are great for people who live to move frequently or travel.

Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees represent harmony and calm. They are said to have a therapeutic and meditative effect when you tend to them. This would be ideal for someone who needs balance in their life or needs to de-stress from hectic schedules.


Philodendrons symbolize love of nature and are a great fit for plant lovers or someone who has a strong passion for eco-friendly living. They also symbolize personal growth and would make a great gift for someone who is going through a major life event or making personal improvements.

Pothos Plants

Pothos plants represent perseverance and are perfect for people who are relentless in following their dreams. Their vines grow long and fast with determination. Try arranging your pothos in a hanging pot to symbolize reaching new heights and chasing dreams.

Prayer Plants

Prayer plants represent devotion and focus. This plant got its name because of the way its leaves move upward at night resembling praying hands. The way that its leaves move on schedule align well with a person who loves to stay organized and on a schedule.

Snake Plants

Snake plalnts are representative of purity and tenacity. They are great for people who are organized, clean and particular. They naturally purify the air, creating a cleaner space. To properly care for them, you must be accurate when watering to avoid getting their leaves wet.


Succulents are tough plants that symbolize endurance and loyalty. The fact that they are able to endure hot temperatures and little care makes them very durable. They are loyal because they will stick around and be there for you even if they are shown neglect.

Free plant symbolism printables

Here are free plant symbolism printables featuring some of the most popular houseplants. They work great as inspirational wall art, greeting card, or garden markers. Use this ProFlowers symbolism guide to pick the most meaningful plant for a gift or find the plant that best fits you and your space!

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