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Plants Make People Happy ... But Why? 1

Plants Make People Happy … But Why?

We have all heard the common phrase “Plants Make People Happy” and we all have that one friend (or maybe you are that person!) who is crazy for plants and gets even more excited each time they bring a new friend home from their favourite greenhouse/nursery.

But what is it about plants which make us so happy? Why are gorgeous plants part of every interior design?. Why do so many people have plants in their home or office? 
 Plants Make People Happy ... But Why? 2
Findings from the International Journal fo Environmental Research & Public Health found that when participants from their experiment viewed natural greenery, their stress levels lowered. I believe the answer to the question above stems from three key things: the functionality, experience, and symbolism of having plants. Different people might weight these three categories differently, however these are the three core elements.

1) Functionality:

At a purely functional level, plants help to purify the air of toxins and produce oxygen through photosynthesis with CO2 and water.

2) Experiential:

At an experiential level, plants make the spaces we live and spend our time each day more enjoyable. As mentioned above, plants are a must have in almost all interior designs for homes, offices, retail, restaurants, etc. Some plants are beautiful; others are cute; others are large statement plants (like the one in the cover photo); and others give off very relaxing and tropical vibes.

3) Symbolic:

At a symbolic level, plants are living and breathing. They grow big and strong when we take good care of them – and will shrive up and decay if they are neglected. I believe that so many people bring plants into their home because plants are innate to our want to connect with nature – after all humans have lived in nature for thousands and millions of years before building homes, condos and office buildings!

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