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Prunus Accolade 1

Prunus Accolade

Performance of Prunus Accolade in our Fife garden

Prunus Accolade started to flower in our front garden at the beginning of April.

Prunus Accolade, picture taken in our front garden early April. The ornamental cherry tree is young, about ten feet tall and smothered in pink blossom.

It surely is a welcome sight, smothered in pale pink blooms. The flowers didn’t last very long, ten days at the most but just perfect for this central position in the front garden.

Prunus Accolade, picture taken in our front garden early April. This picture is a close up view of the clusters of pink blossom

The clusters of semi double blooms were admired by passers-by. Those passers-by are very complimentary of a nice garden, however, surrounding your property with concrete and stone slabs is the order of the day.

People say, you will encourage others to get the gardening bug. Not a chance, I have come to believe that the love of gardening is genetic.

Almost everyone does admire the beauty of a garden but the thought of the work involved, drives them to distraction and statements as to how people don’t have the time these days.

As a shopkeeper, I was as busy as anyone but along with Myra we always managed a garden, as I say, it’s in the genes. Let’s try some gentle encouragement with a (plant a tree day) — or else!!

Prunus Accolade 2
Prunus Accolade Description

Prunus Accolade flowering in April is a real blousy show off. The large clusters of pink, semi double pendulous blooms measuring about 4 cm across smother the tree for about 10/14 days. Looking at its very best for seven days.

Well, okay its not flowering for very long but what the heck, Christmas doesn’t last long, and we wouldn’t do without it, hmm, maybe I would, grumpy old sod.

At a height of 24 ft (7.32 m) Accolade is ideal for the smaller garden.

Come Autumn we are rewarded with orange/red attractive foliage. All in all a very attractive deciduous ornamental Cherry tree.

Prunus Accolade 3
Quick Details

Fully hardy


Can grow to a height of 24 ft (7.32 m), although it takes ten years to reach a height of 13ft (4 m)


Prune only to shape up or remove wayward branches. Most trees require pruning in the dormant season, not so with cherry trees. You must only prune in mid Summer to prevent harmful bleeding.


Best in a sunny position


Received the RHS award of garden merit.


I am not associated with any mail order company, but I do like to add the option with those I have had positive dealings with.

Prunus Accolade 4


April in our Fife garden

Prunus ‘Autumnalis Rosea

Prunus Autumnalis Rosea in our courtyard. Another young cherry tree in full bloom mid April

The Prunus ‘Autumnalis Rosea was planted in the courtyard area of the garden in early February.

We just love it. The tree had a scattering of flowers, come early April the branches were smothered in blooms, and lasting longer than those on Accolade.

Amelanchier Lamarkii
Also in the courtyard is two multi stemmed Amelanchier Lamarkii. Absolutely smothered in white blooms, mid April

Also in the courtyard is the Amelanchier Lamarkii, talk about being smothered in flowers, this one is hard to beat.

Daffodil Charming lady and Tulip orange Emperor
Prunus Accolade 5

This tub of Tulips and Daffodils actually sits in the front garden, I only hauled it into the courtyard for the purpose of photographing.

Tulip Queen of Marvel
Magnificent red flowers of the Tulip Queen of Marvel, growing in a tub in the front garden of our Fife home

Haa! I was actually brave enough to head out front with the camera and take a picture of Tulip Queen of Marvel. Well I do that sometimes.

Tulip Finola
Prunus Accolade 6

Tulip Finola, I kept the bulbs from last season and went through a whole rigmarole as to how to keep Tulips. This is the information I passed on. I reckon it worked.

My tame Blackbird
Blackbird sitting on the edge of the birdbath. It likes currants and now eats them out of my hand.

I think Mr Blackbird is feeding his young at the moment. He comes down for the scattering of currants which I give him.

He actually takes them from my hand. Myra will try to get a shot and I will post it later.

Aucuba Japonica
Prunus Accolade 7

This is the Aucuba I saved from the front garden last year. I had planted it with netting still around the roots.

Now freed from restriction and planted in a pot, it is looking very healthy.

Hostas now starting to open their leaves.
Prunus Accolade 8
Pieris Flaming silver
The Pieris Flaming silver looks stunning at the moment. The new red leaves smothering the shrub.

Growing the same tub for fourteen years the Pieris Flaming silver sat at the front door of our Aberdeen and Cheshire home.

Here in Fife after finally re potting the two of them they are looking great.

Our mini greenhouse, shelves buckling and filled with annuals for tubs and baskets.
Prunus Accolade 9
Bedding plants indoors !
Not enough room in the greenhouse. A pasting table is set up in our sunny front room and is covered with young Begonia plants.

The front room, its never used. Myra went all posh on me and said we will use it for special occasions, I rest my case.

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