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Ming Aralia

The Ming Aralia- Houseplant Royalty

Polyscias fruticosa, or Ming Aralia, is a perennial evergreen shrub or dwarf tree native to India. The plant grows pretty slow. A Ming can reach up to 4 to 8 feet in height. The leaves are a darker green and satin in texture.

In the world of professional plant technicians, people who go to offices and wealthy people’s homes to take care of interior landscapes. The Ming Aralia is a plant usually in the Company’s Presidents’ offices.

Mings are generally very stable plants if you can place in it’s setting and leave it there. The Ming Aralia -a plant from India but also grown throughout the Caribbean. In these locations, Ming’s are used as hedges in front of people’s homes.

The Ming Aralia-a plant from India but also grown throughout the Caribbean and South Florida and warmer areas of America outside. In warmer areas, Ming’s are used as hedges in front of people’s homes.

Ming Aralia
Ming Aralia

I remember being in St. Lucia and St. John in the Caribbean, and both locations people were using Mings as hedges, just like Boxwoods in Boston. Here in Miami and Miami Beach, I have seen Ming Aralia outside as an accent plant in older Tropical Landscapes.

You’re not going to see Ming’s used outside too much by today’s landscape designers. These designers aren’t sure if the plant is going to make it. Most landscape pro’s these days don’t take any chances, this is why you regularly see the same plants used over and over in landscapes.

What I like about Ming’s in outdoor setting, The plant has a luxurious look but combined with its movement this makes the Ming Aralia a standout in outdoor landscapes. Mings have a beautiful movement with a slight breeze. It’s why I love Maiden grasses.

Ming’s in indoor setting needs to be edge watered,- meaning watering the plant around the side of the grow pot where the roots wrap around the container. That’s where the water should go. lots of people make the mistake of dumping water in the middle of plants, this won’t kill the plant. But the plant will perform better when watered around the grow pot edge.

Ming Aralia has many uses

In Asian countries, the Ming roots and leaves are used for many different dietary ways, as a tonic, anti-inflammatory, antitoxin, and antibacterial ointment. They have also been proven to be an aid in digestion. The root is also used as a febrifuge, diuretic,,. anti-dysentery, and is employed for neuralgia and rheumatic pains. Along with medicinal purposes, Polyscias fruticosa is also used as an ornamental plant and a spice. Source Wikipedia

Caring for the Ming Aralia

Mings can go 10 -14 days without water but needs a good drink after that time. Mings can only put up with the full sun in the morning. Evening sun or southerly all day sun is not recommended. If you have Ming Aralia leaves yellowing for no reason, there is an 80% chance that plant has Spider mites. Spray your plant. Spider mites are almost invisible to the naked eye if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Trust me -spray the plant.

You will only have to repot a Ming every 2 or 3 years. Some say the ing only grows vertically. But I have raised Mings that never grew vertically and just spread out. The Ming is like most plants; if it is in a sunny window, it will need to be spray regularly. Once a week with alcohol, anti-bac dish soap and water mixture. You should spray under the leaves, over the whole plant.

When Growing and Repotting Ming Aralias

Mings like loose soil, You should put together a mix of Peat, perlite, and dirt. As mentioned before. The Ming likes the Morning sun and then shade. Shade does not mean dark, though. Expect for your Ming to loose clumps of leaves with the transition to a new grow container.


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