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Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop 1

Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop

Is Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop the best flowering Tiarella available

This is the third season Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop has bloomed in the garden.

The Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop in full bloom in the border of our back garden

I actually ordered Tiarella Iron Butterfly. The mail order company called to tell me it was out of stock.

I rook a chance and told them to send another variety, What you see is what arrived. Three plants without labels.

A little research has convinced me it is a form of Sugar Scoop. I reckon It is the best flowering Tiarella I have ever come across.

Close up picture of Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop, white frothy blooms.
Plant profile for (Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop)

Sugar Scoop may not have the fancy marked foliage which we associate with Tiarella, however the flower power more than makes up for it.

Here in East Fife the blooms start to open in late April and by the middle of May the effect is stunning.

The Tiarella Sugar Scoop is a herb native to North Western America which makes a perfect bedding plant for front of the garden border.

Although the plant is described as having a preference for semi shade, it performs very well in the border of our back garden where it gets a good six hours sunshine a day.

However, keep in mind the Spring and Summer temperatures in East Scotland may be well below what you experience.

Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop surrounded by other herbaceous plants.

This form of Tiarella grows rapidly and in no time at all will be ready to divide and plant in other areas of the garden.

Although the Spring flush of blooms are the best, Sugar Scoop will continue to flower throughout the Summer.

I have no hesitation in recommending this plant, Unfortunately the mail order company I bought it from no longer has it.

A Google search offers it in seed form from Amazon, here in the UK and USA.

Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop 2

Quick read details


fully hardy throughout the UK


apparently, does best in partial or full shade


9/12 inches/22/30 cm


increase stock by dividing in second year, possibly after one years growth


white flowers in Spring and beyond covering green three lobed leaves which are semi evergreen.

Common name

foam flower

Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop 3
May in our Fife garden

A lot of hard work in early May, and we have a new border in the back garden. Well, when I say hard work I did get someone to remove all the rubble and fill it up with top soil.

Preparing a new border in the back garden

Here is the finished result. Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Acer dissectum, Hellebores, Ferns and Astilbes not forgetting the Sorbus Vilmorinii.

Come Autumn we will add woodland bulbs.

New border completed and filled with acid loving plants.

The back garden borders are maturing quite nicely with Clematis Montana Grandiflora alba stealing the show in May.

The fence in our back garden smothered with Clematis Montana Grandiflora.Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop 4Tiarella Trifoliata Sugar Scoop 5

Blackbird eating out of my hand

This Blackbird turned up last Spring, Myra said Blackbirds like currants, so that’s what he started to get. I know its a he, cause he’s not brown.

He got very demanding about these currants as he was feeding them to the young ones.

One fine sunny morning when the patio doors were open he actually came into the house looking for his breakfast.

This year he turned up in April more demanding than ever, eating out of my hand now, even landed on my hand on a couple of occasions.

Even when our cat Purdee is by my side blackie doesn’t mind, I guess he knows Purdee is old and harmless. Oh! That explains things.

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