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Viburnum Tinus Spirit 1

Viburnum Tinus Spirit

The ultimate shrub for year round interest

The Viburnum Tinus Spirit is a fully hardy evergreen shrub. Perhaps with a little more to offer than the regular Viburnum Tinus or the form Eve Price.

Viburnum Tinus Spirit with flower buds in September

The pictures above and below were taken in mid September. See how the pink buds are already covering the shrub. Very promising for a good Winter display of flowers.

Viburnum Tinus Spirit 2

By the time we got to November the slightly scented flowers started to open. The sunny situation at the front of the house seems to suit Spirit very well.

Flowers started to appear in November Viburnum Tinus Spirit

These last two pictures taken in the first day of March lets you see Tinus Spirit still flowering profusely, and should continue to do so into April.

plant profile

Viburnum Tinus Spirit is a shrubby evergreen plant, more rounded, shorter and less stiff than the more common Tinus or Eve Price.

Although I may have a preference for Spirit, I have to say the regular form of Tinus and Eve Price lend themselves more to the formal garden and the flowers are sharper and pristine.

All in all I am extremely happy with the performance of Viburnum Spirit in our garden. For whatever reason I missed the opportunity of taking pictures in Autumn when in berry. Well to be honest I hate taking pictures in the front garden.

Viburnum Tinus Spirit 3

general details


Fully hardy throughout the UK

Leaves and flowers

The leaves of this evergreen shrub are ovate and dark green. The flower buds in Autumn and early Winter are pink opening white and lightly scented, lasting from November through till April. Let’s not forget about the Autumn berries which are blue/black.


Pruning is not really necessary unless you want to restrict growth. If you do decide to prune then do so in late Spring or when the flowers have gone over otherwise you will have no flowers next season.


After ten years height and spread will be approx 2m x 2m if not pruned.

Position and soil

Full sun/part shade. Will grow in any reasonable well drained soil, acidic, neutral, alkaline.

Viburnum Tinus Spirit smothered in blooms early March

Late February in the garden

Last year it was well into March before the Crocus were at their best. This year with the unusually mild Winter weather, they were much earlier. We have had February days with temps of 15/16c and not a snow shower as yet. Feels like a good thing, but, is it?

Viburnum Tinus Spirit 4Viburnum Tinus Spirit 5

Viburnum Tinus Spirit 6Viburnum Tinus Spirit 7

Viburnum Tinus Spirit 8

The Snowdrops (nivalis) still just hanging on. I am waiting for more of them coming in – in the green. I purchased bulbs in the Autumn, didn’t, come to much, its true what they say, you really do need to buy them in the green.

Viburnum Tinus Spirit 9

The Daffodil tete – a – tete started to bloom in early February, still looking good at the beginning of March.

Viburnum Tinus Spirit 10

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