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Wednesday Vignette, crevice garden heaven 1

Wednesday Vignette, crevice garden heaven

I’m back from a week in Colorado and the 2019 Garden Bloggers Fling. As usual I went a little crazy with the photos (over 2,000…) so it’s going to take awhile to work through them all.

We saw fabulous gardens and met some really wonderful gardeners. I’m left with memories of rocks, lots of rocks. Rocks in crevice gardens, crushed rock mulch, boulders in the landscape, stacked rocks…and on and on. Plant-wise, sempervivum top my list, along with opuntia and yucca. Sure there were lots of iris, peonies, poppies and the like, but you know me, pretty flowers don’t keep me entertained for long.

Wednesday Vignette, crevice garden heaven 2

Several years ago I wrote a story for the Oregon Association of Nurseries on crevice gardens. For that story I had the pleasure of interviewing Kenton Seth, of Grand Junction, CO, he’s a leader in the design and building of crevice gardens here in the U.S.. One of the gardens we visited on the first day of the Fling, Carol and Randy Shinn’s garden, included a couple of Kenton’s creations. I look forward to sharing more images from the Shinn’s garden, until then I hope you enjoy this trio of vignettes.

Wednesday Vignette, crevice garden heaven 3
Wednesday Vignette, crevice garden heaven 4

Weather Diary, June 18: Hi 73, Low 55/ Precip 0

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