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Monstera Plant

What is Monstera Plant.. how do you care for it.

This is a plant that you often see it’s large split leaves in vases with flowers, it’s a very visual plant that pals around with flowers at photo shoots. I like the Monstera Deliciosa, it has  a cool name “Monstera”. I live in South Florida and have been to farms in Homestead Florida where there were acres of the and Philodendron selloum plants at different stages in there growing process. I remember using them for a pretty large landscape and hardscape job I did in here. Monstera used outdoors is pretty cool you can use them as hedges to line up in front of homes in South Florida. Thats actually how I used them. Selloums and Monsteras next to each other looking like Monsters Inc, in front of a nice little bungalo home.

Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) is an edible and underused landscaping plant that grows outdoors in warmer climates. The United States Department of Agriculture plant resoluteness zones Monstera as a  11b through 12.  It is typically grown indoors in homes and offices it’s a very stable easy to care for plant in a office area where the plant may only be watered or tooken care of once every two weeks.

 The plant can also be grown outdoors in far southern regions of the United States. I have used the Monstera in a few landscape projects. A very reliable plant- just give it some water once every couple of weeks and the plant will perform for you the way it’s suppose to.

Monstera Plants are renowned for their large leaves with dramatic, deep lobes, called the “Swiss Cheese plant” by the Home Depot crowd these plants are often trained to poles, nurtured inside their containers.

Caring for Monstera Plant

Place the plant in a bright location,and leave there…You should only move your plant to give it a quarter turn every two weeks when you water. This is so it doesn’t grow to the light. You should also try to keep the plant out of direct sunshine -the plants are known to burn a bit.

Provide them with artificial light up to twenty-four hours per day to encourage blooming.Water your monstera every two weeks, unless the plant is in a bright window.

Try to train your Monstrea to live off of bi-weekly water. Check the top 1 inch of the soil with your finger-stick it in the edge of your grow pot and feel if the soil is wet one inch down if it is don’t water, allow it to drain almost completely.

Monstera Plant Leaves
Monstera Plant Leaves

Reduce the amount of watering during the winter season to prevent waterlogging your Monstera. Provide the plant with a general-purpose manure or fertilizer every two months from fall to spring.

Regularly prune Monstera vines, since they quickly grow wildly if not controlled. This is only if you want a neat look on the plant, some people enjoy the wild vines grown by the Monstera.

Tweak off new growing tips by using your fingers at the highest height you are allowing for the Monstera, and anywhere you would like to see its vine branch.  You should probably also prune out extreme growth that is generating or producing few or no leaves or any new growth.

 Thinning inside the plants helps in giving it more room to grow larger leaves. You want the plant to always have a full green canopy with as many leaves as possible. You will get that effect through pruning often.

From time to time give the plant a spray with a spray bottle. This helps in increasing humidity, thus mimicking the natural habitat of the plant.
Fertilize the Monstera maybe once a month -with a half a regular dose of Miracle Grow  during growing season.

Check foliage for pests like aphids, spider mites, thrips, and mealybugs. Most pests can be eliminated by merely spraying Monsteras with Isopropyl Alcohol (half of cup), a few drop of dish soap inside of a spray bottle filled with water. . You might also want to wash the leaves using and anti/bac dish soap.

Caring for Monstera Plants in Tropical Regions of Americas…

Unless you are in the far southern regions of America, you probably don’t want to grow the Monstera outdoors. But for those who live in their growing area. Select a partially shaded area with well-draining soil.

Monsteras will suffer if planted in alkaline soils located directly on the shore.Ensure you water your monstera regularly to saturate the soil carefully.
Fertilize four or five times per year with fertilizer to stimulate growth if necessary.

Tools You Will Need to maintain your Monstera Deliciosa

Cup, watering can or a garden hose
Iso Alcohol Anti/Bac Dish Soap

Spray bottle
Mircale Grow

Monstera Deliciosa what you need to know…

Monstera will grow better if repotted every few years. In case your plant looks somewhat wilted irrespective of adequate watering, there might be too many roots in its pot, which are stopping the soil from retaining moisture for the plant to absorb. Monstera hardly suffers pests or disease; however; check it regularly for common indoor issues like scale insects, aphids, and different leaf fungi.


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