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Overwatering Plants

Whats Killing my Plants- Overwatering

Overwatering is the number one killer of plants bar none. People love their plants, but there are tons of people who love their plants to death by overwatering them.

People see their plants wilting, or tipping (yellow-brown edges on their plants) and they think- I’ll add a little water, the plant must be dry. People see yellow leaves, and they think I will give the plant some water and everything will be ok.

Signs that your Plants are being overwatered

You’re not alone, most people make the mistake that water will correct what is ailing their plant. But what people don’t know is that most plants have yellow leaves and Brown tips when the plant is wet or DRY. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. The only way to tell if your plants are overwatered is to feel the soil.

I didn’t know this for the first few years that I cared for plants until someone taught me to feel the soil before I watered my plants. This simple act solved this whole overwatering situation.

How long does it take for your plant to Recover from Overwatering

Once you start feeling your soil your not ever going to overwater plants again. When I say feel your soil- I mean you should stick your finger one inch deep into your plant’s dirt and if you feel moisture up to one inch deep you should not water the plant yet. That’s it, no magic stick your finger in the dirt and feel for moisture.

But if you have already overwatered your plant, it should take about a week for that plant to dry out. This all depends on if the plant is in the sun or shade all day. If the plant is in full sun all day, you will be able to dry the plant in 5 days. If the plant is in the shade for the whole week, first you should try to gt that plant in as much as light as you can.

But if you have to keep that plant in the shade, it should dry out in a week to 10 days. But when you have waited the week, you should still feel your soil to see if the drying process has run its course.

Overwatering Plants
Overwatering a plant is a problem

Signs that you Overwater your plants.

You will know that you have overwatered your plants when you start seeing little gnats flying around in your face. It’s annoying, but that will be your first sign. The second sign will be that the plant will start to tip. The bigger the tips, the more overwatered the plant is. Overwatered plants should be moved outside if possible.

This is going to save you a lot of annoyance from the gnats. Plus the fresh air will help the plant dry out quicker.

What is worse Overwatered plants or underwatered plants?

People who professionally take care of interior plants will take an underwatered plant way over an overwatered plant. It’s pretty easy to correct an underwatered plant. Plants like to recover from underwater. What a lot of people will find out when the underwater plants are that flowering plants will bud and flower when in severe drought or underwatering.

The plant wants to live, and it figures if I give this person a flower they will provide me with water. It’s interesting. I know plant savants (including myself) who can get a plant to bud and blossom with the amount of water they give this plant. Now, this doesn’t work with all plants. It’s not going to work with Orchids. Orchids like water.

How to water your plants.

The first thing you should do to water your plant correctly is to make sure they are in the right light. Your plant being in the right light is half of the battle. You should find out where your plant should be placed by looking at the label or checking on the internet. There is a ton of information on almost all plants on the internet.

Next, make sure the soil in your plant is aerated. You can do this by taking an object as simple as a long straight stick or pencil and stab at your soil to make holes and to loosen the compacted soil. Next, you will need to feel your soil and if you feel moisture, especially in the top one inch of soil.

If there is moisture in the top one inch of soil, you should not water. Once the top one inch of soil has dried out, you should water the plant around the edge of the grow pot, where the roots of the plant are wrapping your grow container. You should water around your side and then put some water in the middle of the plant, not much though.




















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