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Red Spider Mite

Why are your Home Plants Dying-Spider Mites

Having a plant or many plants at home can be a handful. Especially if you’ve experienced Spider Mites. Some plants aren’t on the same watering schedules as others. Some don’t require the same light as others, and some seem to bow to pest easily, yet others are bulletproof, nothing bothers them you can miss there water schedule for weeks and catch up with one big drink and everything is fine and back in order.

For this article, I’m not talking about those plants that are easy to maintain; I’m talking about the problem plants. Palms that are in sunny windows and Ming Aurelias that keep dropping yellow clusters of leaves. Spath’s that are always down or Pothos that have Mealybugs and almost all home plants that have Spider mites.

What’s killing your house plant?

I would say 70% of the time-yes 70 percent is Spider Mites. Most home plant people place their new plants in a beautiful sunny window like the label says, they water that plant, probably too much at first, until they start seeing the little gnats flying in their face. They will Google why they have gnats and then pull way back on the water. This will cause the plant to become weaker, opening the door for the Spider Mites.

Spider Mite
Spider Mite Bug

Spider Mites

Spider mites are tiny little red insects that form webs in the corner of leaves where they come together. Unless you have a microscope or your looking for them, they will be almost invisible to the naked eye, until it’s too late and well into the death spiral of your plant. You first notice little yellow dots where the Mite has started sucking the Clorphyl out the leaves. The Spider mite will then begin creating an almost invisible web on the underside of the plant.

Do Spider Mites Spread?

Spider Mites not only spread, but they also spread quickly. There have been professional Interior plant technicians who have had whole accounts covered in spider mites. Usually, plants being taken care of bi-monthly with the plants sitting in full sun windows — especially Bamboo Palms and Adinida Palm plants. But most plants left in full sun windows will eventually acquire Spider Mites.

How to get rid of Spider Mites?

Most Professional Plant care people use Isopropyl Alcohol and dish soap. Get your self a 24to 36OZ spray bottle adds a cup of the Alcohol and 2-3 drops of dish soap. Filling the remainder of the bottle with water shake real good and then spray the underside of the leaves on the plant thoroughly.

After you have sprayed the plant well get yourself a towel, and wipe the bottom of the leaves. You are going to need to be careful and not shake the towel around or infect other plants in your collection.
When you get done wiping you are going to notice little tiny red dots on your towel-those are Spider Mites.

Where do Spider Mites Come from?

Honestly, people will tell you differently, but Spider Mites come from you brushing against an infected plant at someone’s home or office or at the mall. People carry these microscopic bugs on them everywhere, and when they want off, they hop on your home plant or a plant at someone else’s home or office.

How to keep from getting Spider Mite bugs on your plants?

The best way and the way most professional Interior plant techs keep spider mites off of their plants is to spray the whole plant under the leaves at least once every couple of weeks. Alcohol, dish soap, and water will do the trick every time. Anyone who says you need something toxic just isn’t informed. Almost all plant pests can be killed with Alcohol, Dish soap, and water.


Brent Richard Dixon

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